Land record management systems

ICT use in land record management is more crucial to any government, organization , agency .

This leads to Less disputes, easy accessibility to all aligned departments, land market monitoring , easy and accurate surveying , less corruption , reports , land records updates from local level to top level, less documentation , more digital formats , Improving the operation of land administration and in making information services. Enables the integration of wider spatial information systems managed by the public and private sectors.

This also includes -

  • Surveying and Satellites
  • Minimizes and make it affordable for the cost of surveying
  • Latest technology in terms of software and Hardware is available
  • Information Transparency
  • Web- and Mobile Phone-Based Information Services
  • E-Convincing
  • Fostering Citizen and Community Participation
  • Support of Social and Customary Tenure

At anupam we know what suits to you as a nation or agency. our expertise includes the knowledge of policies and the way land records happen in the continent and technology “know how “to solve the most critical problems which will help to make you free from land disputes, extensive man power use and allocation of various resources which will lead to save more cash flow and a dispute free land yields more business to individual to nation.