Automatic weather monitoring system

Anupam is involved in providing need based; customized Weather monitoring systems which offers weather solutions to various industries like power, mining, construction, aviation, agriculture and logistics etc. Entire system involves various software and Hardware integrations from location specific to multi location mapping of various parameters and creating real time and forecasting data.

AWMS advantages:

  • Measurement of wind speed, wind direction, temperatures, humidity and rainfall etc..
  • Storm mapping and forecasting .
  • Linking with other weather stations .
  • Starting your own weather station,.
  • Customer Service center.
  • Technical field maintenance.
  • Network IT.
  • Billing.
  • Prepaid distribution.
  • Cash collection.
  • Branding.

Africa is a continent known for growth in businesses, infrastructure, agriculture, etc. and at anupam we understand how weather monitoring system will help you to avoid losses in various industry produces, conservation of raw materials, supply chain management etc. which can be directly hit by the wrong weather and forecasting of such will help you to be more proactive. Recent mobile telecom industry growth added a fuel in AWMS industry with good mobile network facility with good internet access support changing the way weather monitoring and its use to happen before for common people. Anupam helps to create a platform to let you meet with potential government agencies, corporates, can help you to bid , do documentation and meet the decision makers .