Outlook of most of the global consulting firms on African agriculture, investors turn their attention to African agricultural sector which looks promising for good returns. African governments are working on policies to attract foreign investment to spur commercial agriculture and increase value added. Only Indian government is targeting to achieve a target of $70 billion in trade with Africa. It is a large proportion of the globe's unexploited arable land with significant scope for improvement with regard to irrigation, use of fertilizers and improved technology.

Public-private partnerships is a value chain key to grow agricultural businesses should be implemented more to create a large employment and meet UNMDP.

  • The value of Africa's agriculture output is about $280 billion, yet it has the potential to reach $800 billion by 2030.
  • Africa’s food and beverage markets are projected to reach $1 trillion by 2030. By way of comparison, the current size of the market is $313 billion, offering the prospect of a three-fold increase, bringing more jobs, greater prosperity, less hunger, and significantly more opportunity enabling African farmers to compete globally.
  • Business houses around the world are making good business from agricultural produce imports & Exports.
  • Farm equipment’s market is flourishing and government is putting funds to setup business in this domain.

Anupam with its ground level understanding of African agricultural sector along with local government and non-government agencies addition to existing consulting services is already in planning work to create B2B consortium.