ICT is changing the world we use to see, it includes the individuals, businesses, industries , governments and nations at large . ICT when goes with government can brings the miracle which is been proved in many countries. E-Government for now in Africa is changing the definitions of work which use to happen before in a very redundant, monotonous way which was utilizing lot of time, money and creating complexes now simplified for effective and efficient work functioning . E-Governance Projects in Africa encompass a wide variety of approaches, into all aspects of government activity ,government service delivery, to the customer-centered and development oriented approach advocated by UNPAN of seeing in e-Government the capacity to transform public administration through the use of ICTs.

Core purpose :

  • Improving information management
  • Improving service delivery
  • Improving accessibility and participation of the different stakeholders

Significance of E-Government :

  • Improved efficiencies of governmental processes
  • Empowerment of the general populace;
  • Easy way of record maintenance , tracking , report generations
  • Common shared services across departments, cities, states, governments, people etc.
  • Improved interaction between the private sector, public sector, and general public
  • Improved perception of governmental entities.

Few areas of E-Government

  • Transport - Registration of Motor Vehicles, issue of driving licenses etc.
  • Health Care - Linking various Hospitals, Tele-Medicine etc.
  • Education - Linking various educational Institutions, e-learning etc.
  • Employment - Online Registration for unemployed, computerization of day to day activities of employment exchange etc.
  • Municipal - Payment of bills, Issue of Certificates – Birth, Death Land records etc.

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Few e-Governance Applications:

On line grievances Citizen Complaints
Land Record Information System ownership, area, taxation etc.
Treasury Information System status of bills submitted, revenue, expenses
Sales Tax status of tax collected location-wise
Transport (RTO, Check post) tax collected at each check post
Legal status of all cases ,description, pending, next hearing
Budget information on latest budget speech, budget at-a-glance, online query, annual plan, economic survey.
E-forms all forms required for citizens

Few forms of E-Governance :

Government-to- Citizen (G2C) —G2C includes such applications as e-Banking, e-Procurement, e-Education and e-Health. Services are information dissemination, providing of licenses, birth/death/marriage certificates, tax information and filing, education results and online libraries.

  • Government-to-Business (G2B) —Includes services such as dissemination of policies, rules and regulations, providing forms for licenses, renewals, payment of taxes and e-procurement.
  • Government-to-Government (G2G) —known as e-Administration employed in the decentralization of government and the connection of local to central government.

We at anupam can help African nations to meet UNMDG with our people who worked extensively in to e-governance projects; among them one to say is implementations of TeleHealth projects in African continent.

Anupam approach - :

  • 1. Customized solutions - no one strategy fits all.
  • 2. Local conditions must be taken into account
  • 3. Engaging substantial numbers of the local population
  • 4. Look for cost of ICT equipment, applications and successful implementation of e-Government

The AGS Business is proposed to be operated on Dynamic Outsourcing Model. Outsourcing shall be channelized through Alliance Partners both on short term and long term basis. We shall recruit, retain and build up multi-faceted marketing staff or since we are targeting multiple countries, “Agency Model” for Referrals and Co-ordination is proposed