Power & Energy is the must foundation pillar for any nation’s progress, growth and to fulfill it Anupam Global solutions will help you with required consulting services. If you are individual or an organization in the energy industries wanted to expand , acquire new clients , wanted to setup new offices , need domestic support to do all this then we have a tailored solutions to your need which ranges from biding , documentations , project design & management , construction services for power generation, transmission and distribution and all required implementation facilities

Over view Energy sector in South Africa:

All over Africa, governments are looking to the power sector for improvement and expansion. The under-electrification of much of the continent is a constraint on growth. Only 39 per cent of the African population has access to electricity, compared to 70–90% in other parts of the Developing world. In North Africa access is very high (more than 95%) while in rural areas elsewhere it is only 12.9 per cent. Across sub-Saharan Africa only 31.8 per cent have electricity Access .And in many places, even where there is access, power cuts and the need for load Shedding, with its negative economic and social implications, continue to be a regular occurrence.

  • Electricity market grew by $1.4bn in 2009 to reach $5.6bn
  • Electricity generation dominated by state-owned power company Eskom, which currently produces over 96.7% of the power used in the country.
  • Eskom has a current nominal installed capacity of 44,175MW
  • Government addressing electricity supply issues with Eskom and Independent Power Producers (“IPPs”)
  • South Africa needs over 40,000 MW new generation capacity by 2025
  • Eskom is part of Southern African Power Pool, a group of utilities

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