Power and

By Anupam in Power & Energy

Power & Energy is the must foundation pillar for any nation’s progress, growth and to fulfill it Anupam Global solutions will help you with required consulting services. If you are individual or an organization in the energy....

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By Anupam in Infrastructure

The African Construction Trends report confirms continued, intensive construction activity. The journey may not be high speed but it is unfolding at a steady pace. We have also seen interesting new players in project....

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& Metals

By Anupam in Mining and Metals

African continent enjoys wealth of mineral resources and investment opportunities. Africa contains an estimated 30% of global mineral resources, including bauxite, cobalt, copper, chromite, gold, graphite, iron ore,

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By Anupam in E-governance

ICT is changing the world we use to see, it includes the individuals, businesses, industries , governments and nations at large . ICT when goes with government can brings the miracle which is been proved in many....

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By Anupam in IT

 IT spending in South Africa is forecast to reach $26.6 billion in 2016, an increase of 5.1 percent from 2015, according to Gartner, Inc. While the IT market is on pace to pick up in 2016, 2015 is proving to be a difficult year for many market segments in South Africa. Spending on

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By Anupam in Telecommunication

Telecom industry is among those industries who shown a steady growth worldwide. It’s changing the definitions of business and brining ease to individual’s life. Africa experiences the fastest telecoms growth worldwide with a forecast real GDP annual growth rate to 2017 of 5.5%. Over the next….

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By Anupam in agri

Outlook of most of the global consulting firms on African agriculture, investors turn their attention to African agricultural sector which looks promising for good returns. African governments are working on policies to attract foreign investment to spur commercial agriculture....

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By Anupam in FMCG

The FMCG sector in Africa has huge scope to develop. Even though Poverty levels in sub-Saharan Africa are quite high, but with food and other daily needs dominating consumer’s budgets. The food sub-sector of FMCG has a very large market to cater for with good penetration to expand...

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