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ANUPAM GLOBAL SERVICES in South Africa Include consulting for Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Project Management, which includes

  • Process engineering, Procuring products and services to the engineering industry;
  • designing, project managing and commissioning of mechanical, electrical and civil projects;
  • Supply and third party construction of low cost, prefabricated housing and buildings.
  • Work areas Clients in diverse industries, including oil and gas, mining, manufacturing and power.

Import Export facilitation

We at anupam will help you expand your business operationsin helping you for your import and export operations. Our network here from agricultural food products to various affordable products in well-established and we can help you to setup an ecosystem which can work on behalf of you and will take care of your business operations.

We help you starting from required documentation for import/export services adhered by government polices to finding the right vendor services.

Green filed & Turnkey project management

Our project management specializes in Greenfield & Turn key projects and goes to market initiatives specifically targeted at multinationals looking to enter the Africa market with unique market entry and outreach initiatives. We also offer comprehensive support for start-ups to scale up geography and product portfolio.

Staffing and Skill Development

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Business Consulting

Business Consulting offers holistic facilitation of business opportunities between India and Africa, guiding business houses through the economic as well as cultural terrain. India and the African countries are unique on economic as well as cultural grounds. We help our clients through every step of setting up a business in an emerging economy – from helping them identify the right business opportunities in the right places to establishing a company, finding the right office locations, recruitment, familiarizing with the tax and legal system, etc.

AGS’s understanding of the differing opportunities and challenges in these countries gives our clients rare insights that benefit their business strategies.

Economic development Program consulting under UNMDG

Africa Business Group’s core economic development competencies and expertise are primarily in international trade promotion and investment attraction,

  • Economic Development Consulting
  • Business Development Consulting
  • Business Publications
  • Knowledge, Trade and Investment Design and Event Management

Strategic social Planning

  • Export Promotion
  • Investment Attraction
  • Sector and Cluster Development
  • Urbanization
  • Rural and Pri-urban Development
  • Public-Private Partnership Development
  • Policy Development
  • Project Implementation
  • Project Monitoring and Evaluation

Project Implementation and Management

Anupam Global services an aspiring consulting firm with technology know how on global frontier Can play a unique and value adding role throughout project life cycle management.

1) Project Design, Development and Management

2) Value Chain Development and Expansion

3) Investment Strategy and Facilitation

Product development

Every country, its geography , domestic culture had unique, the companies which understands this very well addition to market & competitor analysis , revenue & cost model will rarely fall to products they launched and we at Anupam helps you with entire product life cycle management in African continent and other developing nations.
Our expert technology team designs and develops new products for organizations across a broad range of sectors including healthcare, communications, and consumer products.
Our African market understanding help you to take your product to market, from advising on business cases and creating initial concepts through to design and development; from manufacture and supply chain set-up to ongoing support for lasting success.

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About us

Business opportunities today are everywhere which requires to look out for new horizons , new demographics , new countries , new ideas and to do that you always need to have , new ventures , new partners , the influencers and the decision makers .
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Atul Nagar,
+91 952-739-1675.

Africa Address

908,Zahra Archade,
Mindu Street,
Upanga,Dar Es Salaam,
+255 789-730-092.